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The Ardross Community Council receives various benefits from the wind farms in the area. These funds are available for projects and groups to use for the benefit of those living and working in the Ardross Community Council area.

It is the Ardross Community Council’s responsibilty to administrate these funds.

We currently donate to the Ardross Primary School to help with extra curricular activity.

We also make regular payments to households that have someone 70 or over living in them, which goes specifically towards their electricity costs. If you think that you might be elligible for the latter please get in touch.

We have also granted money to the Ardross Community Hall to fund their Arts Programme.

In 2019/20 we funded the Ardross Online project to deliver superfast broadband to the Ardross Community Council area.

We have recently provided funds to support a Archaeology Project looking at the history of Ardross run by ARCH. And the installation of PV cells for the Ardross Community Hall.

We helped fund compliance with the new Fire Safety Regulations.

In April 2022 we approved a one off payment of £100 for each elligible household to help with energy costs, details were in the April Newsletter which is funded by the Ardross Community Council.

We have recently provided funding towards the construction of a new playpark at the Ardross Community Hall.

There are certain elligbility criteria and rules governing the funds distribution. And each wind farm has slightly different rules. But in general funds cannot be used for the following purposes.

  • Political
  • Religious
  • Entertainment
  • Anything against the windfarm companies interest
  • Individuals

There must be a clear Ardross community benefit.

The Ardross Community Council are keen to see the money spent in ways that can benefit everyone in Ardross, we understand that this can be a daunting process. The best way to find out more and discuss any ideas you might be willing to help get off the ground and that you think will benefit Ardross is to come along to a Ardross Community Council Meeting. We can offer help and ideas and contacts for possible funding streams.

Alternatively just get in touch and someone will call to discuss your idea and how we might be able help fund your project.