Find out about the work of the Ardross Community Council, facilities in Ardross, consultations, planning and recreation in the area.


The interesting history and heritage of Ardross were researched and explored in the autumn of 2021. The memories and legends of Ardross residents and those who had lived and worked in Ardross were steered and guided through compiling a history of Ardross by Archaeology for Communities in the Highlands [ARCH] who provided funding as well as the Ardross Community Council and Historic Environment Scotland.

Ardross has a long history of human settlement: cupmarked stones from 3,500 BCE; chambered cairns; the famous Pictish stones including the Wolfstone; an insurrection in the “Year of the Sheep” - “Bliahna nan Caorach” at the begining of the Highland Clearances; forward thinking landowners of the 19th Century. Ardross still has a strong and clear identity today.

Below you can download the collected memories from the project including some new discoveries. The group also have produced binders containing even more information and research as well as a mobile display stand.


The Ardross Community Council part funded this Project together with:

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